Best device for Coreelec in 2022

Yes, several are listed here

I would like to purchase new hardware that would be well suited for the next CoreELEC versions. It doesn’t have to be expensive, preferably up to 70-80 euros. What would you recommend?

I went with Odroid C4, N2 (little bit more expensive).

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Semtex! :laughing: That’s C4, almost covers everything: 2-3 years of CE support and your budget. Buying it from Europe you have 2 years warranty. Dunno if Khadas VIM3L its easy to purchase in Europe :eyes:

Nah, I am running GUI on 23.976 to prevent rate switch on most of my content, and its fine for me years now, and will be fine years in future. :grinning:

My motto is keep your HW happy (not on the edge) and it will reward you back with stability, love and long life :slight_smile:

In the Download settings of the new version 9.1, you can select different devices. Which one best suits my wishes?

What box do you have? If your box or SBC isn’t listed you can try the generic version.
Oh, wait! You were talking about buying something. Same answer as above: Odroid C4, VIM 3L, Bananapi M5…

Hey guys, about 2+yrs ago I came here, figured out what to get and bought a Beelink GT1 Ultimate, which has worked perfectly until this week.

Screen comes up, but green only and distorted aspect ratio/resolution, or just now the TV came up saying no signal found mid video. Last I had green screens was a video card on my pc went kaput.

I came here to see what chipset I needed but can’t find it. Use to be on the main page, Amlogic S912… No problem.

What am I looking for this time?

Hardware wise, this Beelink was perfect… Played 4k 10bit 12,000kbps DTS5.1 X265 video off my MyCloud server (all Ethernet no WiFi) without any stuttering or lag at all so, not worried about hardware, I think most new devices out-spec my old box anyways… Just need to know what chip I need for an easy install.

Old box could still be repurposed as a headless servers don’t give up on it, something like dietpi can run nicely there. New chips current best supports really the odroid c4 or n2, some point I’m sure a new odroid with x4willcome out but I wouldn’t hold your breath… C4 does everything I need of it running latest nightly before matrix its rock solid stable.

Haha, totally lost me. No idea what a headless server is. Right now I have a MyCloud connected to my router via Ethernet, and my Beelink connected to the same router via Ethernet. Then another Beelink at the front of the house also on Ethernet. Simple setup and solid, not a WiFi fan for streaming.

When I go on odroid shows nothing, android does but nothing under c4 or n2.

I see h616, t95, rk3318, s905x3, etc…

I was looking at an amazon choice because under $100cad and higher specs than what I have so should work fine, but no idea if corelec compatible…

Android TV Box 10.0, [2021 Newest] X88 PRO Android TV Box 4GB RAM 64GB ROM, RK3318 Quad-Core 64 Bits Dual-WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz BT 4.2, USB 3.0 3D 6K Android Box

No, if you want CoreELEC you need an Amlogic device.

Amlogic… that I understand. :smiley:

So something like the H96 MAX, about $71CAD… looks like about the same specs as my Beelink, maybe 1GB more ram… though my Beelink was an Octa-Core. I wonder how this compares to that… fewer cores but, newer chip(s).

One big thing for me about the Beelink was that it had a website, some of these off-brands have zero support, and the Beelink was almost solid black, a small dim LED power light and that’s all. Some of these android boxes are an eyesore for design and lights. I want to watch the TV not the box. :smiley:

Android 9.0 TV Box with DDR4 4GB 32GB H96 Max Amlogic S905X2 Quad Core 4K Smart TV Box Support 2.4G/5G Dual WiFi BT 4.0

If you read this topic you’ve got lots of options.

Don’t go for an obsolete SoC, go for at least S905X3 if not for S922X…

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Bummer… price jumps way up. I don’t play games or anything just KODI. I looked at the Android part of my Beelink a few times, it was glitchy, stuff didn’t work, etc… SD card bypasses it and boots straight into KODI and haven’t touched the Android part since Feb 2019. So a lot of the specs I don’t think matter much which is why hoping for another under $100CAD box.

Beelink GT-King looks like about the cheapest that comes up, $170CAD, eBay not Amazon… looks like Beelink doesn’t make a lot of the more entry level stuff anymore. That’s too bad.

Look for Odroid C4 or Khadas vim3L, two nice S905X3 devices. If you go for cheap the X96 air is very popular in the forum, just search for it.

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Oh, so the Odroid is sorta like a RaspPi… I have one of those for an Arcade project, which I bought over a year ago… keeps getting delayed and now lumber is 450% more money that it was last summer. Ug.

Odroid might be cool… the whole custom case stuff. Wish I had a 3D printer, but I do have a nice chunk of black walnut.

I’d use my old RaspPi, which I did test with at one time… but never with x265 4k. If I recall the Android boxes were so good because they had chips specific for x265 and 4k video.

Oh please don’t insult the odroid calling it a Raspi. :grin:


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Are there any potentially exciting devices (no names expected) that the team are testing under an NDA that we can look forward to in the coming months of 2021?