Best disk format for large files on 16TB drive

I have need to transfer my NAS files to a single 16TB drive. Many files are over 4GB. What format is best for Coreelectric? NTFS? ExFat? Are any native MacOS formats that can be read by CE? If not, is there a driver that would allow an MacOs format (APFS or Mac OS Extended) for reading the files…
I prefer Mac format but don’t know if this is possible…

Read this

and choose yourself, I always use EXT4 but my large hard drives are not used directly by Windows but through linux services (SSH / SFTP / FTP / WEBDAV) with the excellent ‘cyberduck’ application for Windows.

exFAT isn’t supported natively in Linux and since CE is Linux it shouldn’t work. EXT4 is the most universal Linux file system which should work on any Linux system.


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