Best DVB tuner box?

Hi - I’m wondering what are the recommendations? I’m interested in both DVBT2/S2.

I know the MeCool KI Pro and KIII Pro seem to be working with CE and recommended, but I’m not sure if the S912 might be an issue though since I recall something about that chip might not be supported after Leia? (Can’t find the ref currently) Or even whether the more powerful cpu is really needed?

Alternatively I caught sight of the fact that a USB DVBT dongle may work since drivers may be present in CE e.g. the Astrometa one. Might this be better (certainly cheaper!) plugged into a normal S905 box?

KI Pro is S905D. Using it with DVB-S without any problem. For DVB-C you need a strong signal though. DVB-T/T2 might be a problem due to RF interference caused by the device itself. I myself cannot receive some DVB-T2 channels with coreelec that work with android.

Wetek Play 2 has only a DVB-S or a DVB-T/C tuner, but the tuners are quite good

Hope that helps.

Using GT1 standard with Xbox one usb tuner. Works very well!

Sorry if the following if a bit off topic.

Is it safe to say any DVB tuners won’t work in the Western Hemisphere, i.e. US, .etc., mainly because US uses ATSC signals?

Yes. DVB-T and ATSC are not compatible.

I have seen tuners advertised as working on both formats.

Went searching and this is the first I found

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+1 for this kind of solution.

I have 2 Official X-Box One tuners, which are dirt cheap to buy on my boxes and works perfectly.

Useful info, tx.
Is it possible to find out which tuner drivers are included with CE?
The ideal would be one of the twin tuner ones for simulataneous watch & record (the Xbox One ones are single tuner).