Better wireless support for old boxes


I volunteered to bring to life two old Android 7 TV boxes of a friend and upgraded them to Android 9 (slimBOXtv ATV ROM), but as expected the TV boxes are slow on Android.

The solution was obviously to install CoreELEC on the two devices, but I failed to make the wireless work…

Here are my findings…

MXQ Pro+ 4K (S905X 2/16 GB with fake RAM) - Wifi: HS2734A (I opened the box to check)

The custom Android 9 ROM detected the box only had 1 GB, I opened it and confirmed: only 1 GB of RAM and HS2734A Wi-Fi chip (aka broadcom 4334).

  • I tried CoreELEC with the gxl_p212_1g_slowemmc.dtb and it worked, but the Wi-Fi wasn’t even recognized…

  • Then I tried LibreELEC test builds and all worked fine.

Vorke Z5 (S905W 2/16 GB, it’s a TX3 Mini clone) - Wifi: qca9377 (it says on dmesg)

  • I tried CoreELEC with the gxl_p281_2g.dtb and the Wi-Fi was recognized after a reboot. But Wi-Fi is useless, it is ridiculously slow and connection drops all the time…

  • Then I tried LibreELEC test builds and all worked fine from the start.

The reason why I would rather have CoreELEC over LibreELEC is because I would be able to install it in the internal memory. Moreover, LibreELEC doesn’t have automatic updates, nor OpenVFD on their repo.

My question…

I wonder if the reason why wireless works fine on LibreELEC is because it uses the 5.18 kernel and updated drivers are included, while CoreELEC still uses the 4.9?

Or could the wireless problems be solved with the current kernel and new drivers?

Finally, thanks for all the work done. I use CoreELEC daily on a Mecool KII Pro (S905D) receiver and it works great with the internal turner in combination with an external one.

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If you are happy with mainline I suggest you stay there.
We use vendor kernel because video playback is just superb and we rather have smooth video and audio at all than bugfree wifi.

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