Bl301 injection, problems, help,

Thanks. Please, inform us when this feature will be ready for S912 in order to try it. Thanks once again.

is this normal that the cec wake up only works with the suspend on the khadas vim3? if i set the vim3 on the power off, then i can not wake up the box using cec, i have to use the power button on the board

You maybe have a old injection on your device. Run the tool again and see if it updates.
There was a power on bug from shut down a while ago.

If you shutdown the vim3( blue led is lighting), then you can not power on it by ir remote.

I got excited for a moment but sadly I’m running S912. I hope this will be supported in the future, and by reading the comments it could be!

yes i have the same behavior

Hello, how hard it would be to port it to S905x?
I have Android repo with BL stuff if needed.

Not hard, but a lot of work! I will need to do a lot of backport.
I am not sure about the status if S912/S905X will be supported by Amlogic-ng.
This I have to check first, otherwise the backport is useless :wink:

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Thanks! I heard we are moving towards Android kernel, if so, will it be a lot of work to support Amlogic-ng for S905X considering Android firmware already has fresh kernel for it?
@Portisch @anon88919003

AFAIK modified BL301 is built from sources. Where I can find it’s and inject_bl301 source code, is it published?

inject_bl301 is a Team CoreELEC tool and closed source.

What about BL301?

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What is the reason it is this way?

@JohnBoyz copy protection as it’s:

This tool is written by Team CoreELEC and exclusive for Amlogic devices running CoreELEC!

I guess I expect Team CoreElec code to be GPL and not closed source.
I wondered why it is closed.

Is it the same sources used for BL301.BIN Injection and included all the suspend fixes?

I ran this tool on my H96 Max X2 and it installed successfully. Then I followed the steps to update the config.ini. When I ran the “ir-keytable -u” command, the returns a “device not found” message. I am using the remote.conf specifically for this box that was mentioned in another thread by bazzle in this forum.

Any suggestions on how to address the “device not found” message? Thanks.

X96max 2g/16g - stuck in bootloop for CE but starts android if I pull the sd card.

I followed the Bl301 injection procedure and at first after rebooting nothing had changed and the remote did not power the box up.
It then became apparent that I needed to remove the # before the three relevant ir remote parameters in the /flash/config.ini file. (nowhere in the guide or config.ini file is this mentioned).

After doing so and rebooting I saw a warning about file corruption and giving 120 secs warning before an auto repair attempt. I powered it off then back up again and now with the sd card in the box just boot-loops.

How can I recover this? Is the /flash/config.ini file accessable from android?
Any help appreciated. Thanks

Move your SD card to an PC and edit the config.ini with an Unix compatible editor.
And yes, your right: you have to remove the # before the entry to activate it.
The bl301 injection does nothing change on boot process or on the SD card.
Only the part for wake-up is changed and you reach it only if you suspend or shut down the box from CE.

So if you got this warning with 120 seconds you modified something on the SD and it broke the file system. This can be happen like if you remove the SD card from the card reader without a sync of the card - as example.

Without any log we can not help anymore further - only that you may have to create a new CE SD card.

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I was able to edit the config.ini back to default but it did not help.
I may have neglected the ‘sync && reboot’ after the editing the config.ini for the last time and corrupted the sd card.
Now starting again from scratch. Thanks
Update: All working now