Black Image on CoreELEC when using G10 Air Mouse Remote Control

I had already raised this problem here, but now there are new points.

I have a Beelink GT-King Pro.
With the device, there is an Air Mouse (in the box).
This Model: G10

There is no problem on Android.
But on CoreELEC, in most cases when I stop the movie, the image becomes black and I have to disconnect the HDMI Cable from TV and reconnect to make the image correct.

This only happens when I stop the movie.

For sure, I tried this remote control on another Android Box, and that happened again. The performance of this remote control seems to interfere with Coreelec.

I have this remote control (G10) and I have no such problems on Coreelec ?

In addition to the problem I described, sometimes when I press the OK key, the Air Mouse is activated !

Maybe my G10 is defective.
I bought it less than two months ago !! :pleading_face:

My G10 sometimes has a problem with connectivity, i.e. the distance between the transmitter and receiver, but that’s not a Coreelec problem.
In Coreelec, however, he often has another ailment that applies not only to this pilot, i.e. from time to time automatically jumping over several positions. it’s not very often … but still :frowning:

Ps. I do not know if it matters … in my opinion no, but I have exactly the model: G10S PRO.
This is the same remote control only with keyboard backlight.

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