Black Screen after Channel switch

Hey guys,
I’m using an Android Box with CoreElec 9.2.5 (CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2.5-Generic.img).
Box: X96 (S905W, 2 GB RAM)


  • TVHeadend Server on another device in my LAN (cable connected)
  • AndroidBox connected via LAN cable to Router
    – Installed TVHeadend Client from Repo (current version)
  • AndroidBox is connected to an AVR (Denon) via HDMI which is connected to my LG TV

In general, I’m able to watch channels without any issue. Sometimes, while switching channels, the issue occurs that the screen stays black and I only hear sound or nothing. After switching channels further several times, the channel is useable just fine.

I tested several settings in CoreElec, listed below, without change of behavior:

  • CoreELEC - Enable HEVC seek workaround activated / deactivated
  • Changed settings -> Video “refresh rate” to all 3 options
  • HW accleration is active (set to always)

dmesg Output is uploaded here:

  • Dmesg output represents successful channel switches as well as some with described issues.

Does anyone have a idea to solve this?

S905W boxes could have troubles with deinterlaced content.

  1. Try to set default refresh rate to equal for you TV channels refresh rate.
  2. You could try also latest nightly build to check if it has some improvements for your case.

Hey boot2k3,

thanks for your feedback!
Regarding 1.:

  • So i check which refresh rate the content has (I just checked and it’s 50 based on VLC codec information) and set it in coreelec as default - so 50. Correct?

Yes, set it 50 by default to exclude screen refresh rate switching

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I changed the setting (System -> Refresh-rate from 60 to 50) without any change of behavior.

So it seems as my only chance is the nightly build.
I’ll try it as well and send feedback so other board member with similar issues are informed if they find this thread.

Hey guys,
I promised an update if nightly build solved the issue - unfortunately, my box is broken due to an failed update.
Can’t get it to boot as it’s stuck in boot loop and can’t be detected by amlogic usb burner tool as well.

If someone knows how to use the short circuit method to get the device running again, I would be really grateful. Anyway, can’t send an update if nightly build would have worked… :frowning:

The board looks like this if someone is interested:

You can try to recover your device by using Burncardmaker.
Please search the forum how to perform a recovery as it’s full of problems with any type of the X96 series.

Advise: do NOT buy such X96 device!

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