Black screen on channel change. Pvr hts

Noticed that there is a black screen when i change channel in Kodi 21 nightly ,before picture comes back, don’t know when it started but had a copy of 20240410 and no problem there. No black screen and fast start of playback. Any idea what caused this ? Is there a archive for old nightlies so i can go back and see last working one ?

Tvheadend , Ugoos Am6B+

edit this is tested with stock nightly. No vs10 build.

It becomes black because there is only a still frame shown.
So it’s black and until it start to play the video it get visible again.

Just so i understand
So this is the new preferd way to handle live tv from now on ?

There is a regression in the latest nightlies where, for example, if you start the next episode without stopping or use start next episode addon, screen stays black for a while. Trying to bring up the UI restores the picture.

This channel change thing is probably the same.

Debug log:


Is this the issue you’re having?

I have this problem too. The audio of the video plays while the image remains black. This also happens after starting videos without another video running beforehand.

Homatics R 4K Plus

Video is just muted until playback starts. This depends on your system how long it takes. As soon frames are running at normal fps video is unmuted again.

Then I must have done something wrong. As a test, I tried CoreELEC-NO 20240412. And all of the above-mentioned abnormalities disappeared.

It was also noticeable that playing with the last NE nightly 20240501 always led to the system freezing. With the 20240412-NO version everything runs smoothly again

Maybe it’s the Kodi update and not CoreELEC itself

Sorry, but this new behaviour with the black screens are bad, definately a regression.
Sometimes it won’t even recover until the user invokes the UI to come up, then picture returns.

I truly hope this can be looked at and not seen as a feature. This one turns a great experience into a defective system imho.

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It’s not exclusive to, but seems most noticable with live tv.

In my case it only happens when the box is connected directly to my soundbar.

I disabled the video mute for next nightly for testing.


Doesn’t happen anymore. Thanks.

Thanks for this. The system has returned to a usable state. Good stuff!