Black Screen On Startup

Hi. When I turn on the device, the black screen comes out. Control keys appear on the screen. It was not like this before. I downloaded an update now. I wanted to repair it but still black screen. How do you think I can solve it? I don’t remember the version number. I can’t see Coreelec because it doesn’t open. I don’t want a fresh install, I have no backup. Thank you.

My device: x96 max + (s905x3)

You don´t want it, but You have to do it.
Please make a backup after fresh install

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You can still backup the sd card.

How? :slight_smile:

Make an image of the 2nd partition of the SD card. Easiest would be if you have a Linux but I guess you only have windows. So make an image then use another sd card (same capacity) and install fresh. Shutdown and then restore 2nd partition on the new sd. Boot CE

I backed up the 2nd partition. Then I did a fresh install. I have restored the 2. partition. But I keep getting errors. I’m mounting the image, it’s empty. I think it was from the image program. I will reinstall the plugins. Thank you.

Well one thing is that 2nd partition has a different uuid so you need to edit boot.ini and update the correct uuid. I know it’s advanced stuff.

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