Black Screen with 8.95.4


after updating to the latest Version, ill get an black screen after the coreelec Logo. I can hear a sound if i use the fb.

Hardware Beelink Gt3 ulrimat S912.

Try to go back to x.3.

Same problem happened to me… i have Beelink MiniMX (S905 1GB 8GB)
Also tried a clean install, but the problem persist
With 8.95.3 no problem
Sorry for my bad english

same for me on S905X box.

Now I tried to go back to 8.95.3 and I’m stuck at “addon-migration running…” :cry:

Black screen for me, on H96 Pro. Downgraded to 8.95.3. Saw the addon migration running for about 10 secs, then everything working, except inputstream adaptive not compatible.

No problems here on a Mecool M8S Pro+ (S905X)

Last update killed my box too. A95x (s905x).

Working without problems on Mini M8s II S905x

black screen with me.

i have wetek play 2

Same here with an S905D (Mecool Ki Pro), both in nand or SD, clean install or update, it seems something related to a system or kernel modification, and the DTB in my case is the same of 8.95.3 (compared hashes).

It’s likely some of the HDR fixes cause a problem with some displays.

Working on a fix for this.

Ok thanks :slight_smile: I tried 8.95.4 with the old kernel and it worked, so it’s likely an issue with the new kernel.

No problem at all on X92_S912 box.


can you try 8.95.4 again and this time make a disp_cap file in .kodi/userdata with the following content


Ok, executed through SSH:

echo “1080p60hz” > /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap
systemctl restart kodi

and it worked! thanks! :smiley:

ok, well that’s not a solution. But it at least lets us know where to look to fix it the problem.


Just tried CoreELEC-S905.arm-9.0-nightly_20181025.img.gz with my A95X (s905x), and there is no video.
My TV uses 1080i @59/60 for what that is worth. No HDR support.

Just building some test images to see if the problem has been solved. Will post links once they finish building.

Since I missed getting this in in time to be included in relkai’s nightly builds here is a test build with the proposed fix to the black screen issue suffered by 8.95.4.

If this solves the black screen problem a will be issued to replace the 8.95.4 release.

There are test images for Odroid C2, S905, S912 here.

Note: if you added a .kodi/userdata/disp_cap file to work around this problem already please remove it before testing this build.


A95X 1Gb s905x working Ok. Internal memory with U-Boot and Android 7.1 from Nougat prerelease ROM

I had the same black screen problem after updating to 8.95.4 version on Tanix TX3 Mini installed on internal. Latest build fixed it.
How can I turn on Kodi splash screen? Now it’s all black until Kodi boots up.