Blinking video with Minix NEO U1

My hardware is Minix NEO U1 (Amlogic.arm) with CoreELEC 9.2.5 and Kodi 18.9, our main living room television (Sony KD-48A9) is connected via HDMI 3840×2160@60Hz.

Occasionally, when starting playback, the display starts blinking wildly off-on-off (about every 3–5 seconds), audio is not interrupted. This seems to depend a bit on the resolution, 1080p or 2160p is more prone to it (then again, I mostly use Kodi directly on the television Android for 1080p or lower resolutions). This also happened on an earlier 1080p Sony television we had, so it’s probably not a problem of the newer 4K television itself.

I found that unplugging the HDMI and re-plugging it seems to resolve the issue, apparently this causes some kind of a reset of the video system. Does anyone have suggestions on how to debug this?

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