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Hello, I need to use coreelec 9.2.0 ng because in this release wifi is much faster with my dongle, but every time I turn on tv box, I have this annoying update notification that asks me if I want to download new version. Update is on manual and notifications disabled but I still have this alert every time. Please is there a way to get rid of it? Thanks

By updating.
The older builds had a bug where setting the update to manual had no effect.

I can’t update because in last builds download speed with the dongle I use is very poor . Though I remember that also in the last builds I had this problem…update notification with every new build always coming up at boot

This kind of thing has been discussed ad infinitum.

9.2.0 is an old release and so, whilst you have a specific problem, it is likely specific to only you or a tiny fraction of users.

So just say no to the prompt.

Realistically, it is only a very very minor thing to have to do on a very infrequent basis until there is a resolution to the issue that you have.

It’s not a big work, but it’s an annoying thing, isn’t there a workaround maybe blacklisting update server or something?

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Feel free to do this.
Best choice would be to use the newest stable version, it´s a very bad idea to stay on outdated release because You are using a very special wifi dongle

I tried blacklisting but I still have the update notification :worried: I know it’s better to have a recent release but it works perfectly for my needs and if I update my download speed passes from 30 mbits to 10 mbits

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