Bluetooth 5.1

Hello,i have a question

The New generation of boxes have bluetooth 5,1, Android 11…with bluetooth 5.1 its possible to put 2 bluetooth speakers or 2 headphone ( i use 2x Sony gtk xb5 bluetooth speakers left/right),if i instal coreelec internal (erase Android) does this also work with coreelec (make work 2 bluetooth speakers/or 2 headphone at the same Time ) ???
I want buy a Beelink GT king 2…
I know the coreelec team is testing the Beelink GT king 2 at this Time …
Anybody have test this ?
Thanks for your help


I have 2 bluetooth speakers (generic MusiBaby)

They must be paired to each other first.

Then CoreELEC will see only one Blutooth Mac.
And Pair as one device.

You will have same output on both speakers.

No idea about Headphones.

Happy Testing

You dont mention the box and if you have bluetooth 5.0 ,i have read on internet that with the Beelink GT king 2 its possible to make work 2 bluetooth speakers at the same Time…normaly this work since bluetooth 5.0(feedback from user)

Three boxes all with different versions CoreELEC

Tanix deluxe s905x3 Nexus ng
A95XF4 S905X4 Matrix ng
Hk1x4 S905X4 Nexus ne

All have custom Android versions
Cant find Bluetooth Verizon in system

Maybe there is command in ssh CoreELEC

Regardless i dont think any are 5.0 Bluetooth

5.0 has faster data transfer/longer range.
Not sure why this is factor with pairing in
China Box?

If you have newer mobile phone with 5.0 can have option for pairing.

Happy Testing

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