Bluetooth and Odroid-N2


I want to buy a Bluetooth speaker and a Bluetooth headphone to connect to a Odroid-N2 device.

  1. Which Bluetooth dongle I should buy for the Odroid-N2?
  2. Which Bluetooth codecs are supported with CoreELEC?
  3. Is it possible to watch a video without audio-video sync problems?
  4. Anything eles I should consider?

Thanks :wink:

This is the dongle I bought and it works, no problem

Most Bluetooth adapters will work out of the box, even the cheapest ones you can find.

Iโ€™m having a hell of a time trying to get a bt controller to work with my N2. I have the latest nightly version of CE on an emmc and am using the BT dongle that Ameridroid sells (which appears to be identical to the one that Odroid sells) and am using a bt controller that works perfectly on my Shield TV. It simply wonโ€™t pair with the N2. Any ideas? Iโ€™m thinking of just using a wi fi controller and dongle and saying to hell with bluetooth.