Bluetooth backbeat go2 issue

Hi all
First I want to Thanks for this famous coreelec build to developpers !
I have Bluetooth earbuds backbeat go2 its successfully paired with coreelec last build and I can use the play stop command but I get no sound… I see that I have to select pulseaudio in audio sources and I get sound with it but I look around if I can have both earbuds and TV sound together ?
Thanks for help

You can’t have sound output to both your TV and Bluetooth, it’s either one or the other.

I look around for trick to switch automatically from BT to TV and vice versa but I do not find anything good any clue will be welcome !

Bluetooth Audio Device Changer add-on should do it.

I use Regss addon and it work very good but I’m looking for a trick to change automatically from TV to BT when I open my BT headset like this trick : but this one do not work with coreelec 9xxx … any clue welcome !

Well I found a way in coreelec forum here and thats work very good with my Coreelec 9xx / TX8 thanks to put me in a way with “BT audio device changer” clue …

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