Bluetooth headphones connected, but no audio through PULSEAUDIO

Minix NEO U9-H
CoreELEC 9.2.8

I have been happily using CoreELEC with my Minix U9-H for months and generally love it. However, I have recently tried something new that I just cannot get to work, no matter what I try. I feel like I’ve tried everything and need help at this point.

All I want to do is connect my Bluetooth headphones so that I can listen to audio through the headphones. I have paired and connected them successfully through the CoreELEC Configuration, they show connected:Yes.

When I return to Kodi and switch audio via System > Audio > Audio output device > PULSEAUDIO I hear nothing, no GUI sounds, no sounds in movies etc. I have tried every setting in Audio, Passthrough, no Passthrough, volume settings, everything and it just will not work!

Any help or guidance greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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