Bluetooth keyboard connection problems


I have a X96 Max Plus S905X3 running CoreELEC 9.2.2 and I am trying to use a Ri mini i10 bluetooth keyboard.

CoreELEC detects it most of the times as "“Bluetooth 3.0 Macro Keyboard”, but, very, very few times the “Trust and Connect” option appears. Only then, it works “perfectly” until it enters in suspend mode, when no key is pressed for a few seconds. While it works, sometimes, the last key pressed is executed like 10 times without touching it… After it enters in suspend mode, it appears as not connected and it does not work any more.

When the “Trust and Connect” option does not appear, but just “Connect”, when I select it, an “Bluetooth input/output error” appears. If I choose “Pair” instead, a “Bluetooth Error: Page Timeout” error appears. In both cases, the keyboard remains Not Connected and unusable.

I used this keyboard a few years ago with CoreELEC and a Vorke z6 (S912) without any errors…

I am attaching some logs.

Any help would be appreciated.