Bluetooth remote not functioning in 4k HDR videos

I have an issue with my Bluetooth remote when playing 4k HDR videos. Any commands issued from the remote are saved up and executed once playback is stopped which I can only do through a USB keyboard.
This issue is not seen when playing 1080p videos.
This issue was not present on 8.95.5.
I am running S912 build installed on SD card. I can provide a debug log if required. Thanks.

I have had a little bit more of a play and the remote does respond but only after a few seconds. I tried to bring up the video codec info window and the OSD flashes for a few seconds before the video codec pops up. The video also goes black for a brief moment and then comes back. Pausing the video does happen but again after a good few seconds.
I have uploaded kodi.log to
I hope this helps.
Thanks for your help.