Bluetooth sound is cut hatched intermittent


First of all thanks CE team for your work !

With last 9.2.7 ng update s905x3 T95Max Plus I get Bluetooth intermittent cut hatched and sometime like old vinyl music crackling with my headset. WiFi is disabled. I use default setting.

All work good on 9.2.5 with Reggs addon+kapiba autoconnect (uninstalled b4 update)…

I have an others old Upods too which I can use in 9.2.5 but not recognized now… any clue ?

I use the sm1_s905x3_4g.dtb device three but 9.2.7 update this file too ?

Log :

Does it work correctly if you change interface language to English?

? The interface is already in english… Estuaridya in english …

Please try tomorrow nightly as it will be ready and check if it fixed your issue or not.
If not then collect fresh logs

How to update from nightly .tar file ? like here : Nightly builds ?

Is it possible to update only the corrupted file ?


I’m not 100% sure how to update to nightly …

Do I have to put this file : CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-nightly_20210318.tar 219.86MB 2021-03-18 02:04:11 in my update folder

or can I follow the automatic update process for nightly like here Nightly builds ? (I just see 9.2.7 here)

Thx !

just put file in update folder and reboot

OK I selected the second method here Nightly builds and selected the channel 9 where I got 9.2 nightly 20210318

Update work fine and successfully ! My Bluetooth headset work very good now better than before !!

T H A N K S !

But my old phone Upods do not . I see it in listing but when I try to connect them I have “ressource unavailable” or host down … I do not use it often but sometimes I mean the priority was my headset so Thanks !

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May be be you lost pairing with them, you can try to remove and add them back

I will try that But I think I already tried before Anyway I use the headset and they work now !

Can I stay with nightly or will you update 9.2.7 ?

Thanks for your time !

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Yep, you can stay in nightly…
No, 9.2.7 will stay as is…

Will you build this fix in future CE19 ?

CE19 doesn’t have this issue. So you can try it too(for now I recommend also nightly)


Finally like you said, I deleted my Upods from CE Bluetooth device list and re-pair them and all working good now I can use my Upods or my headset …


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