Bluetooth V5?

Can I use a Bluetooth V5 dongle in my N2 and if so which one?

Cheers for the help everyone.

There’s been 81 views of your post but seems nobody has tried a V5.
I’m just replying as a courtesy.
What have you in mind ?
Show us the Dongle and more importantly you must know the chipset in the dongle so as we can see if the drivers are available.

I’m trying to revive the old thread…

Anyway I’m thinking of getting Bluetooth 5 dongle for my N2. I would like to pair 2 Bluetooth headphones to it (since Bluetooth 5 supports it).
Would this work?

BT 4.1 also supports 2 consecutive connections (technically 7 from what I’ve read about BT 4.0 and up).

I was under impression that only BT 5 supports 2 active connection with audio profile.
Obviously I would like to have same audio send to 2 Bluetooth headphones simultaneously.

But if someone got this working with any BT version, please let me know which BT dongle works.

I have been looking at trying a BT 5.0 USB dongle and from what I can find, I have found one with an identifiable chipset of BR8041.

However I was unable to find any drivers outside of Windows for this chipset.

Although the dongle has no brand name is has an identifier of BR8041A01 courtesy of Barrot Technology Limited.

If drivers are available then I am happy to be guinea pig to see if support can be added.