Boblight and Amlogic S912 acceleration

Hello, I am a new user of CoreElec with a Beelink GT Ultimate (Amlogic S912 with RAM of 3Go). I hace connect to my MediaBox with Teensy 2.0 to order 75 LEDs (USB Ambilight).

First, for several years, I used an old windows PC with KODI and Boblight. It runs correctly with light videos.

I then bought this beautiful case that I run first under a libreelec version with embedded KODI Krypton. The LEDs work properly with the official 2 addons bobligth but I found some lags on some videos.

So I switched to a more optimized version for my case (Coreelec 8.95.5 based on Leia). The videos have become very good with the acceleration of activated Amlogic Codecs but the LEDs freeze with the activation of these codecs.

1 - Am I the only one in this case?
2 - Are there any future corrections?
3 - Is this a problem rather rated Addon?
4 - Are there other ways to have both the use of AMlogic Codecs and the use of LEDs?

Thank you for your feedback

Kebnekajse (Sorry for my english, I’m french)

I have exactly the same problem, so you’re not the only one.

use hyperion ng…