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Hi all,

Present setup is an Odroid N2 with CE connected to a Sony X90J TV with the Optical Output going to a Yamaha YAS-306 Soundbar. Movies and TV Shows come via Plex on a NAS and FTA TV is via HDHomeRun (TVHeadEnd), all via CE.

We find it difficult to hear voices in Movies and TV Shows via Plex or TvH. Other types of sound are just fine, it’s just people speaking and trying to understand them.

Have tried Sennheiser RS175 Headphones, but while it does solve the issue my wife finds them annoying.

Is there some sort of add-on that will increase the voices globally that I can install on CE? Or some other solution maybe.

Thoughts please.


EDIT: Audio Settings

  1. Play movie or tvshow
  2. Bring up the Audio Settings in gui
  3. Select the Volume amplification slider
  4. Move the slider up from current position
  5. Select “set as default for all media”

Thanks for the suggestion, but what if it’s greyed out:

Disable passthrough.

Thanks again for your reply.

Are you saying my Audio Settings are incorrect for my setup and I should have not enabled passthrough? I thought that was the correct thing to do if your TV supports the audio formats.

I am saying: if passthrough is enabled, those options are unavailable.

If it doesn’t work you can try and follow the audio troubleshooting guide.

A system log might provide us with more information.

EDIT: also ensure to have the correct audio output device selected everywhere. See here.

You may have to play a bit around with the options and see what works best. Each setup is unique.

More information on this topic can be found here. This is default Kodi behaviour.

I had similar problems except I was using the display’s TOSLINK out to maintain lip-sync. However, nothing I tried seemed to work for me as well as this sounbar ZVOX AV157, Cosmetically Imperfect – ZVOX Audio

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