Boot time increased


i’ve updated coreelec from 18 to last 19.1 and to work better except he need more time to boot. When power on the video remain blank for about 30 second before showing the logo. Whats wrong? Thanks!

Device : S905X

Update your dtb.img

Hi @Portisch , i’ve chosed .dtb file on the folder of the sd card after Librelec installer. My devices is a S905X and 2GB Ram, so i’ve used gxl_p212_2g (always used that in previous version of CE) . It work but go slower. Alternatively i can try to use gxl_p281_2g but is for X905W. Thanks.

I’ve try another gxl_p212 and someone it work but only the first time changed the file. When retry to boot/reboot become slower. Frankly i seem not is a dtb file problem. On which file log can find something bout the problem?

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