Boot to sd with ssh

hey guys, i am trying to flash back to android firmware from coreelec , my m8s pro + doesnt have a reset button to enter recovery , is there an ssh command to boot from sd card?

There should be a hidden reset button, if you don’t have one at all then you can short the pin’s.

Several examples are given here in the HowTo’s (seek, and ye shall find) :wink:

nothing works since i have allready coreelec at internal , and there is no reset button i opened the box , there are those points where the reset button should be , now i need to learn how to solder

if there are points, then simply connect them with a screwdriver or short cable during boot process to reset the box.

I know this is a bit late. I have just purchased a Mecool M8S Pro L. As some people may be aware there is no reset button.
I used this method.

Terminal Emulator : boot to Android, insert CE prepared SD / USB, install Terminal Emulator app (either from Google Play or APKMirror), run it and type reboot update . Your box should reboot to CE.

But after trying several Terminal Emulators, I found this one worked