Bootup of ce shows text in screen

Hello to developers,

could you please hide the text at the bootup of the box? Whenever i boot the box i not only see the bootlogo, but also two rows of textlines on the tv.


Can you take a picture of what your referring too?

it’s like the bootprocess is shown on the screen. Just like the shell text with ssh connection. It just is shown at the top visible as a layer in front of the bootlogo. I am on the latest nightly.

I think he meant Corelec and version, top left.

I think he might mean this.

It started on nightly 20200509 and is also on 20200513.

yes, but only the upper 8 lines, as well on the left as the right side. The rest is the bootlogo.

That’s normal, it’s not a bug, it’s because we changed framebuffer console from a module to built in so now the initial kernel debug info is shown immediately at boot up.

I see you make your own builds so you could just revert the change if you are unhappy with it.

The change is here and was made for K19 preparation as support for building kernel modules for initramfs was removed in the LE10 buildroot.

not build but the linux thing. No, it’s okay. Just used to the logo.

Do you have resolve the problem ? I want to hide this info on Screen. Can you tell me how to do

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