Box bricked - no reset, sd boot, android boot, upgrade possible

I’m using coreelec from a sd card on my egoiggo box for a long time. I’ve tried to update the internal adnroid (to get disney plus app working in andriod). After the Update (i guess with a rom image) the box tries to boots into android and get stuck on the android boot screen. Now no sd card booting ist possible and also the reset button (toothpick method) dosen’t work. Has someone an idea to unbrick this box?

You probably had the wrong Android ROM and bricked it this way. Its probably corrupted you bootloader. The best way to resolve this is to find the correct Android ROM and burn it to your box using the Android Burn tool.


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I found a rom for tx6 TV box which fixed the bootloader. Now I can boot from as card again. Thx