Box doesn't power on

Hi, I use Magicsee N5 box with CoreELEC. I’ve configured the original remote with ir-keytable and it works fine, but because the remote is pretty simple, I’ve decided to replace it with a remote which comes with Mecool KI Pro box. I replaced a keymap file with proper one and again it works but with one exception - It’s not possible to power on box (Magicsee N5) after It was powered off. I can do it with the original remote only. The POWER KEY is configured correctly. Is there any way how to get new remote to power on the box?

Short answer…no

The IR code for power on is stored in the bootloader of which we have no source for.

Get one of the MX3 / Pro /Keyboard / Remote
Learning remote as well. It can learn remote power on /off for your box and tv.

OK, good to know. Thank you.