Box with DVB-S2 input

Hi all,

I have a Kii Pro that has been doing a great job for the past few years but it it now starting to over heat, picture break up etc…

Which box is the best box that has DVB inputs that also runs CoreElec?

Have seen the K7 but not clear if the DVB inputs works with CE

I’ve got a K1 Pro S905D whic has 2GB DDR4 Ram
I think the KII Pro has 2GB DDR3 Ram and that is probably the main difference.

I only run it as TVH Client and other add-ons and it only hangs around
high 50c to low 60c which is OK.

I don’t have picture break up .

You may want to SSH into the box and run command below to see if it a temp issue.

echo "cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp" > temp 
chmod +x temp 
watch ./temp
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Thanks for the reply, have seen the K1 but assumed it was the first addition with KII and KIII following it… my bad!

Will keep an eye out for that box in this part of the world… in the UAE

I don’t think buying a K1 Pro to replace the KII Pro will solve your issue.

You need to disclose more info with the issue you are having.

Check temperature first.

I know TVHeadend does raise temps on hardware.

Its a better bet to keep your dvb seperate from your server/client boxes. This gives you reliability and future proofing against drivers becoming stale.


I also seperated client hardware from DVB. Makes it much more easy to change the client hardware in future…

I use Digibit R1 with quatro LNB and I have SAT>IP in LAN usable on Laptop, Tablet, Amlogic devices and Android Kodi on modile phone :wink:

Not satellite here but also followed the external tuner path. I setup a hdhomerun expand quadtuner for dvb-c as sat>IP in tvh. Perfect. Now I use the usb tuners and vtv board for testing.

Just looking for a simple replacement should the current Kii comes to the end of its life… nothing fancy.

It’s on 24 hours and the heat sink is coming loose but is has been flawless for about 2-3 years, I don’t really touch it bar the auto updates. It running about 85 degrees

Looking to create a backup on CE, get new box, install CE on the new box, restore CE file, get on with my day for the next 2-3 years! Might just pick up another Kii… was just wondering if there was anything else like it out there.

Thanks for your help folks.

If its just the heatsink coming lose then it should be really easy to reseat it.
Open the box.
Prize off the heatsink.
Clean the chips and the heatsink with alcohol or nail varnish remover.
Glue it back on , I use threadlock red to attach heatsinks, but real computer thermal past would be better. Threadlock acts as a glue but heatsink compound is not designed to glue well.
Put case back together.

You have little to lose.