Boxes Hardware doesn't match the Brand / Model

Post issues and variables here to keep a track of these boxes.

Lately more and more Chinese Branded Boxes are being sold with Model Numbers / Names with variations of Hardware and Firmware.
Today i just googled K1 Plus and found S905 with Tuner and another without. Apparently there is another with an S905D.
Beelink GT1 Ultimate another mixed bag with fake ram.
A95X -R1 which comes with Rockchip RK3229. or S905x and S905W.
More importantly ask yourself if you would buy any of these ??
I don’t own any of these boxes but see the frustration in trying to identify issues and then realising the Hardware doesn’t match the Brand / Model .

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That’s a very polite description for the FAKE devices that we see more and more of coming from eBay and the like. :astonished:

Some are not fake per se.
For instance, I know that model 2017 A95X-R2 had Rockchip SoCs and the 2018 models have a S905W.
So it’s not that the boxes are fake, it’s possible that they are mislabeled (whether by mistake or on purpose).

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