Brightness in Video Settings not working


I was testing a few things last night on my N2 and noticed that when I played a video file (standard 1080p), pulled up the onscreen display/Video settings/Brightness/ it wouldn’t work. I can slide the bar from 0%-100% and it did nothing. I’m currently on latest CoreELEC Nightly on eMMC.

Any idea what could be causing this? Is it because of my OLED TV (LG C9)? I’m barely a week in with it and still learning…

I wouldn’t use any player video settings on N2 in that way, so for me if it does not work it’s no problem :wink:
The proper way is to set and calibrate your TV to proper/standard picture quality (black level, color tint & saturation, contrast, brightness, and so on…) and use default settings on N2 for best results.

No… not trying to use it to calibrate the TV at all. For calibrating, I used rtings’ guidance.

I watched a video that was shot in poor lighting and in LibreELEC that trick would “temporarily” brighten up the clip. I only used that feature when needed and usually on poor lit videos. But definitely not to keep as standard settings.

Yes it was nice to have these settings working - I think LibreELEC v7 and v8 worked. You could just change the brightness, contrast etc for a specific video and it would not affect any other video - in the same way that you can adjust the aspect ratio or volume on case by case basis.

Exactly. Glad to hear I’m not the only one with this. If it’s no longer an option, it is what it is. I just wanted to be sure there wasn’t something wrong with my setup.

Short check:
Video settings are working using my S905X running CE 9.2.1
Video settings are not working using my N2 running nightly.

But I only use Video Settings on my TV

A slight correction to your observation for N2, or better said additional info running v.9.2.1; Player Video Settings (brightness & contrast) work if you disable hardware acceleration (Amcodec).

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Ah yes I remember that now as well :grinning: It’s not a biggie for me but it was a good flexible feature (I’m fairly sure it worked with old LE even with hardware acceleration on, but can’t test that now). If I had to choose, I would rather have hardware decoding (and no brightness controls etc).

But of course, we would want both :joy:

Yup… just tested it and it does work. I can now disable this option when I have a really dark video and can re-enable after I’m done. Thanks!

@ukmark62 So good news you soon won’t have to choose, you will be able to have both.

I just pushed a solution to the brightness/contrast controls not working on the newer devices. So future releases starting with tonight’s nightly build will have this working for the newer devices.

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That is awesome! I use this feature quite frequently… Looking forward to it. Thank you!

Superstar!! :boom: