BT sometimes appears disabled. Reboot required to enable it (sometimes multiple times) [SOLVED]


I own a H96+ v6 box with dual boot (EMMC has Android, I have CoreELEC in a USB disk).
CoreELEC 9.0.1 was working great without problems. Ever since I switched to 9.0.2, it seems I’ve started to find some sporadic problems with BT. In particular, sometimes when I go into the bluetooth device list to pair my headphones, it shows a message claiming BT is disabled. When this happens, I need to reboot (sometimes more than once) to get it enabled again. Usually rebooting to Android and making sure BT is enabled there (it usually is) makes the trick.

Has this happened to any of you? How can I enable BT while in CoreELEC?
Also, could it be something else, such as having enabled JSON-RPC, rather than the upgrade itself?


I use the nightly builds every day and have come across this issue from time to time.

One thing that you can also try is to disable and then re-enable BT from withing CE settings and then reboot.

This usually (although not always) does the trick for me.

Thanks. With 9.0.2 I get this issue 1 out of 5 times.
9.0.1 seems to always work fine (I’m downgrading right now and I’ll give it a try for some days).
When it fails, dmesg shows nothing about bluethz. Also , all the bluez modules are not loaded (i.e rfcomm, bnep, hci_uart). If I manually load them, dmesg shows Bluez stuff and I can start the service. But yet “bluetoothctl” says “No default controller available”.

I’ll see what else I can find

I wonder whether this commit would fix it. Seems quite related.

First impressions is that 9.0.3 fixes the problem, probably through the commit mentioned above.