Buffer Problem with Beelink Gt-king

I have a Beelink Gt-King, with the latest stable version of CoreElec (in dual boot mode).
I have a strange problem that only apparently is related to the buffer because this does not happen with Kodi Leia on Android.
My films are uploaded to a NAS to which I connect wirelessly (455Mbit / s). The films are loaded without problems even in 4k, but every time after about 20 minutes of viewing and when the buffer line (gray color) is noticeably charged, the video begins to freeze, the symbol of the buffer appears that loads (but it is immediately to 100%), then the video restarts but again the 100% buffer symbol and the video stops and so on and on. The only way I have to stop this problem is to stop the movie and then start it from where I stopped. The video resumes without problems, but after another 5/10 minutes and after the buffer line is loaded, the video jerks again. It happens with both FullHD and 4K videos. What can it depend on? I repeat this problem doesn’t show up with Kodi on Android.

Sounds for me as a temperature problem. Check if hardware decoder is used while watching. Also maybe try to achieve a colder environment (like a fan) for your device and do a test again.

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