Buffering issues / CoreElec 9.2.6 / Any help?

Hi all.

My setup is the following:

A Fritz!Box 4040 router (firmware / OS version 7.14) and two usb hard disk drives plugged on it. I use these two hard drives as SMB sources for my video / movie files.
A Mini M8s II TV box with CoreElec 9.2.6 setup to access / view these two SMB sources.
A Windows 10 PC with KODI that also has access to these SMB shares.

When playing a video file (like a TV series, much lower than even 720p) after some time I get buffering issues.
It starts buffering (starting from 0%), the screen ratio seems like it is changing (almost like a screen flickering) and when the buffer gets to 100% it restarts buffering. Most of the times there is nothing I can do at that moment as Kodi hangs and I have to remove the power cable from the box and restart CoreElec.

I have a TP-Link UE300 USB 3.0 to LAN adapter (Realtek 8153 chipset) plugged to the box’s USB 2.0 port and CAT6 cable connected to the adapter, but the issue presents itself even without that adapter (by connecting my UTP cable directly to the 100 LAN port of the box).

In the past I suspected that one of the discs (SMB source) was to blame so I have set the “Backup” add on to keep automatic backups of a few files every 10 minutes to that HDD, just to keep the hard disk alive, as it seemed to get to “sleep mode” after some time (I have read other people’s comments about this specific USB 3.0 HDD). Now I’m not even sure that’s the reason have the buffering problems.

I can’t really understand what’s wrong with the box or the software and I get this buffering issue.
Here is a log from today:


Could someone help me identify what’s wrong here ?
Thank you in advance.

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