Buffering playback 4K

So I got some 4k content playing through EmbyCon and every other minute it giving me the spinning wheel followed by: “source to slow read rate too low for continuous playback”. Not sure what the bottleneck is here… I’ve played 4k content before without any issues.

OS: Coreelec 9.0.3
Kodi Version: 18.3
Hardware: Amlogic S905X
Internet speed: Download: 317.76 Mbit/s & Upload: 171.34 Mbit/s through usb 3.0 gigabit adapter.

Kodi.log: http://ix.io/1Phx
dmesg.log: http://ix.io/1Phy

any suggestions?

What is the result if you skip the USB gigabit adapter and use the ethernet port instead? 100 Mbit should be enough for UHD content and if you are having buffering issues, increase video cache (HOW-TO:Modify the video cache)

Alright, what shall I change? memorysize and buffermode?

i have S912 3GB RAM
i use:
advancedsettings.xml (153 Bytes)

will try this when I get back home, might gonna lower the mem size some, since my box has 2gb.

edit: this advancedsettings seems to be working with a 2GB amlogic device


I’m using lines below which adds a half GB buffer, but adds closer to a GB to memory consumption for some reason. I have a 4GB N2 so I probably would go lower on a 2GB board.

I did have a little trouble with some buffering and adding the buffer resolved it. Also improved fast forward function. Kodi was failing to fast forward properly. It was jumping back to the start point sometimes.