Bugs carried over from CE 9.2.5?

Bugs carried over from CE 9.2.5?

For a few weeks I have been saying that the best CE 9.2.x version is CE 9.2.5 for S912 devices. I also have S905X3 devices with amlogic-ng and I have been using CE 9.2.7 with which I also have problems related to the CE version. The problem is the following: I have a remote /storage/shared directory mounted with sshfs (installed from entware) on all my CoreELEC devices where every day an automatic backup of each and every device is made on the LibreELEC server x86_64 with large storage capacity. Well, automatic backup runs correctly on all amlogic and amlogic-ng devices using CE 9.2.5 and stops running on devices using CE 9.2.7 and CE 19.1 Matrix (compiled: 2021-05- 12). If I run the backup script manually, then everything is fine. At first I thought this was caused by the sshfs mount options, but now I have no doubt that it is caused by the newer versions of CoreELEC.

Conclusion: Something is happening with versions after CE 9.2.5 and I would like to help you find the bug.

My question is: How can I activate debugging within a script and save the results before the device reboots.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Put some echo’s in the script and save the result to a file on /storage. And then just look the file what is inside.

This I have already done, firstly I dump the backup to /storage and this works fine, but the following command mv /storage/full-backup.tar /storage/shared/x96air/full-backup.tar works in CE 9.2.5 but not in later versions when run from cron.

I mean before this mv line try adding commands like

mount >>/storage/cubilog

and then check this file /storage/cubilog if share is actually mounted. Add some other commands which could help. Maybe some sleep would help too to run commands later.

I will try it, thanks!

In CE 10.1 Matrix everything seems to be fine, the output of the mount command when run manually is:

root@ on /storage/shared type fuse.sshfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,user_id=0,group_id=0)

( is the IP of the server in the wg0 interface)

But you already wrote it is ok when run manually. When doesn’t work?

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