Build a hybrid coreelec / libre driver set

I was wondering if such a thing is possible:

I want to use coreelec, as it appears to be more stable than libreelec (less fixes to do). However there is just one thing stopping me from fully committing and that is the DVB_Drivers used by coreelec.

As explained by @anon88919003 libreelec uses proprietary drivers with DMX_SECTION_FILTERING support. I need this (I think) to use dvb-tools or in particular, dvbsnoop.

Can someone help me to build this, what do i need to reference.

Or is it as simple as taking the dvb drivers addon from libreelec and installing it?

dvb-tools can be installed from the addon repository

LE drivers are incompatible and there is no building a hybrid driver, it’s just not possible.

Thanks for your response, if you remember I was trying to use dvbsnoop before, but I couldn’t get it to function correctly. It works alright with libre and I am assuming that is because of proprietary drivers.

You mentioned that dmx section filtering is broken in the current drivers for coreelec which is something that dvbsnoop might use?

I suppose if it isn’t possible I will just have to buy another sd card where I can install libre and use dvbtools when required and switch back to core once done, getting tired of the many trivial issues with libre. It is pretty long though. Unless the drivers could somehow support using dvbsnoop


I don’t remember saying it was broken, @afl1 is the best one to answer DVB related queries because none of us understand this area better than him.

Sorry, my mistake, it was @afl1 that mentioned it: