Build Failure - ne

Trying to compile CE-ne. Gets most of the way, but fails on packages such as “remote” #309. Upon inspection, the refers to the web site “”, which seems to be currently a dead link. Any ideas?

Package remote is virtual package which only has other packages dependencies. And one from them failed.
You need to check logs more carefully.

Thanks…you indirectly solved my problem. Actually I had no decent logs because the terminal window was crashing at the “309” stage. Once you highlighted that this was a virtual package, I realised that it was the point at which the linux kernel was being compiled and this took longer than other packages. The issue was that I have been using Ubuntu 22.04 and it has introduced a new kill feature which stops the process too soon in the build process for resouce preservation. So now I have disabled it (systemd-oomd) and all is OK.

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