Building CE21, device Amlogic-ng builds Amlogic-ne

I’m building CE21 from scratch to include a Kodi patch, so I’ve done ./scripts/clean kodi && DEVICE=Amlogic-ng && ./scripts/build kodi && make image. I just noticed that the Kodi part is actually building the -ne version and after that, CE was also built as -ne.

If I clone the repo and run git checkout coreelec-21 && DEVICE=Amlogic-ng && make image, it builds the -ne version as well.

Has something changed in the scripts, and how to fix this? In the past I’ve done just the -ne version so I don’t know how this has been earlier.

DEVICE=Amlogic-ng ./scripts/clean kodi
DEVICE=Amlogic-ng ./scripts/build kodi
DEVICE=Amlogic-ng make image
# or just create .tar only for update
DEVICE=Amlogic-ng make
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Cheers, now it started building properly :slight_smile:

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