Building DTB: SCPI timeouts

I’m building a DTB for a s922x device. So far it appears to be booting to the system, but there are still a couple issues. I’m having a hard time locating the source of 4 SCPI timeouts early in the boot process. There appears to be a problem with the mhu / mailbox node. Removing the node, removes the timeouts, but I’m assuming the mailbox function is required for CoreElec to work properly.

The native mhu node is identical to the CoreElec template, so the problem may not be with mhu itself not functioning.

Any suggestions on how to address this? It might be that one of the nodes that uses mailbox is malfunctioning. Which nodes/hardware are using this protocol?

The time outs start at 11sec, then booting proceeds at 43s.

Log.txt (29.4 KB)

What do you mean by “building”? Use one working one from CE and adjust what you need to adjust.

There is no supported dtb for my device, (2nd gen Cube) I tested ~10 variants of s922x and they all crash it halt early in the process.

So I creating my own DTB for CoreElec.

Yes. But don’t create your own from scratch but instead work one one existent one.

Yes I’m working off a template. I have been able to fix a lot of errors/fails. I’ve been encountering that scpi time out issue since the early stages, and I’ve run out of ideas on what might be the problem.

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