Buy device with CoreElec pre installed

I want to know if there are any fully supported devices that you can buy that already have CoreElec already preinstalled and ready to use??


I thought i would also add, that if that option is not available, what is the best fully supported device to utilize. I have an issue with my current device, where my Yamaha AV receiver will NOT recognize the 4K, and I had to buy a silly HDMI splitter to get audio into the AV receiver, and then 4K directly to the TV. It has been a royal pain, as the I have tried 2 different HDMI splitters, and although one is better than the other, i have an issue with certain video/audio where the audio will completely cut out for a second at a time every 20 to 30 seconds. Aggravating, so any device i would get i want it to be known for having a more versatile 4K HDMI output that will be recognized by my 4K AV Yamaha receiver so i can ditch that HDMI splitter…

Your best bet would be the khadas vim4 if you don’t need audio passthrough. You can install CoreELEC easily through the oowow interface.

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