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Hi all,
My last cheap Android box just died last night (stopped decoding HD) and my bedroom Khadas VIM2 box has gone dicky of late so I am in a bind and need to replace both in a hurry.
Looking at all the options I have circled back to the N2+ which gave me years of good service before I accidentally killed it.

My question is, as a European citizen where is the best source for Odroid. I see that is reasonably priced and delivery would be quick. However since Brexit I fully expect that anything coming out of the UK will be hit with a hefty duty. However Odroid UK claim to be the main European distributor of Odroid which I would have expected to mean that they had a European distribution hub. What is even more confusing is that they charge VAT on sales - which if they are exporting to Europe out of the UK they should not be charging.

Has anyone got any recent experience of importing from Odroid.UK

Go to bought my C4/HC4s from there. 20 euro shipping to Eastern Europe.

Germany looks to be the safest bet within Europe with a total of about €220.00 for two N2+.

However direct from Odroid in Korea look very tempting, 2x N2+ with basic cases and an 8gb emmc for €163.00. From what I can gather its duty free from Korea - which makes it a safer bet than the UK. Delivery would be a bit slower - but with a potential saving of around €60.00 its hard to refuse. Anyone with experience.

The official EU distributor is Maybe that’s an alternative. Shipping with no additional costs they state on their website. I don’t know if it’s reasonable priced, though.

NL was one of the more expensive suppliers in Europe, Certainly more than

10 EUR plus or less doesn’t matter - two years of warranty it’s the big deal.

Yes I can see that, but it would be for the best overall value.
However €60.00 saving is a bigger deal.

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From Korea it’s duty free? Never heard of that. Did you check

They are in a free trade zone, so maybe there is some duty. Was reading over at the Odroid forum and it seems highly variable and dependent on if they use Fedex or DPD.
They all seem to come in at around the €100.00 mark in Europe. The UK is actuall one of the cheaper sources - but I have a feeling you will definately get duty on it.

There wont be any duty for anything under €150 and vat shouldn’t be charged, it would be charged at your own country’s rate.

Depending on the country the main express services apply a big “tax” for their handling of a package. Minimum 35/40€ here for DHL

In the end I found this German seller on ebay. Just about half the price for second hand units.

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