BuzzTV X5/BT400 bluetooth not pairing

Hello folks, I’m having difficulty getting my BT400 remote to pair in CoreELEC. It pairs just fine when booting into stock mode (eMMC), but in CoreELEC, bluetooth is on, but when I put the remote in pairing mode, CoreELEC doesn’t see it to pair.

System specs:

CoreELEC (official): 21.0-Omega_nightly_20230527 (Amlogic-ne.aarch64)
      Machine model: BuzzTV X5
     CoreELEC dt-id: sc2_s905x4_buzztv_x5_4g_1gbit
      Amlogic dt-id: sc2_s905x4_ah212-gEth-4g

Hoping someone will be able to advise what I’m missing, many thanks.

Wade (PapaZeek)

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