C4 vs. N2?

I have an N2 and just ordered a C4. It looks like the C4 can do everything I need it to do. Just wanted to confirm I wasn’t missing something. My main usage will be UHD HEVC Blu Ray rips. And flac playback whether 2ch or multi channel.

The C4 should handle these just fine right? I know it took a while before multichannel PCM was working on the N2.

I know it wasn’t on your list, but as I recall the C4 won’t stream Netflix in CE at 1080p.

Yeah thanks that’s one of the main “knocks” I have seen in this comparison. This device will be connected to a Roku TV that will handle all streaming duties, its just not up to snuff for local content.

I use a N2 and a C4 with CE. both play Netflix in 1080p with the latest NF-addon. CPU-usage and -temperature of C4 is higher of course…

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