Cache clearing / video freezing with N2?

I’ve had freezing problems with Odroid C2 that are related to video playback pausing, skipping or fwd/reversing. After updating to N2 it seemed that these problems are gone, but now after few weeks usage they are coming back. Video just freezes after pausing or skipping and so on, and I have to restart system or at least restart video playback. This is quite annoying. Might this be related to cache filling up, and could it be fixed by emptying cache, and how this could be done?

I have experienced a similar issue as you describe, after resuming a video that has been paused for 10-15 min it will play out the small buffer then crash into home screen. I have seemed to resolve a lot of this by increasing buffer size in my advanced.xml file

Thank´s for reply. However my issue seems to occur even after just a couple of seconds pausing. And it´s getting worse every day. After clean install, there was no problem, now I have to restart box manually daily because of this.