Can anyone suggest a good auto maintenance addon

Thread created to cater for off-topic posts.

Offtopic, but can you point one that you use with sucess?
Another would be one to delete subtitle files from movies already deleted… :wink:

Interested aswell, didn’t want to ask because offtopic :grin:

Kcleaner is adequate for me, but I have seen others :+1:

now you’re not (don’t get too used to me doing it though) :roll_eyes:

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I like Kcleaner by DaLanik

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There is an Addon called Fresh Start, but I am not sure if it is “dodgy”

I am not sure if this is better than the reset to system defaults under the Coreelec configuration addon

Or even just starting a new image on an sd card.

I use, Kcleaner

If this is for Kodi, Then, I installed TVAddOns plugins and used it to perform auto maintenance on my CE box.