Can CoreELEC System Backup be saved to NAS?

I used Kodi File Manager to add a source on my NAS for a backup folder.
I go to System>Create System and Kodi Backup, navigate to the NAS folder, and hit OK. The screen flashes but nothing happens.
If I keep the default path then the system will backup.

I found out the same thing. Path must be local.
Haven’t tried mounting the share on the OS level, but that might work. Right now i just pick it up and have it copied over.

I have a usb drive attached, I might give that a try.

USB drive works.
Also, have you noticed that if you try to back out of the system backup it makes a backup in the default folder?

I use the (slightly modified) script described here (post #10 by msider) to autobackup once daily to my NAS.

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