Can I store media on the SD card I boot from?

I think the title says it all.
The reason is, for months I’ve been using a S905 box with CE installed to internal, but the box died in a power surge (HDMI output failed). I was using the SD for movies (to free up usb ports).
My new box won’t allow install to internal, so I’m booting from an SD, and wondered if I could use the spare space for video but have no idea how to access it…

Yes You can using the SMB share \<ip.of.thebox\Videos on Your computer and copy the media files.

from the run menu, (got this somewhere else on the forum) on windows 10
\\coreelec (or name of your device) that will open the folders,copy movies to whatever folder you want.
I use coreftp lite, some people use filezilla.
you can use a usb hub to plug in a flash drive or external drive.

I can see the internal storage of the box but there doesn’t seem to be access to the SD card… Does it need to be mounted? I assume that it would be mounted already as the box has booted from it.

If you boot from the card you won’t see the internal storage.
The /storage mount is your SD card.
When you boot from internal, if your card is formatted into a supported format, it will be mounted automatically, and will also be shared in SMB, so you can access it from your PC.

Got it, thanks.
I was expecting to see the root of the sd, but now I understand.

The SD has 2 partitions.
There’s /flash, which is read only and it contains the files you need to boot CE.
And there’s the /storage partition, which contains all the settings and data for CE and Kodi. It also has a videos folder which you can copy video files to, and then easily play them back without much fuss.