Can the Xiaomi Gamepad control CE?


I paired the Xiaomi Gamepad without issues.

EmulationStation and Retroarch detects well the gamepad but I can’t use it to control de Kodi menus. With a PS3 dualshock I control it without problems.

Anyone uses this gamepad to control all CE menus?

Have you tried to configure the controller?

In Settings go to system/input then configure attached controller.

There is a default kodi controller that needs to be setup to control kodi with the gamepad.

First of all, thank you for your help.

I´ve tried what you say and I can not imagine how to set it up.

This is what I see in these screens

The buttons in the gamepad don’t work anytime. So I can’t setting them up

Any idea to try?

That, last screenshot looks like where you wanted to be.

When you say the controller works with EmulationStation and Retroarch do you mean it worked when you had EmulationStation and Retroarch installed on the same device that you now have CoreELEC installed on. Or do you mean it worked on another device running EmulationStation and Retroarch?

Thanks again and sorry for the mistake in my explanation.

The Xiaomi Gamepad works well ONLY when I start EmulationStation with RetroArch in the same box (KI Pro) with the last CE firmware version installed.

In the last screen that I sended, the gamepad buttons don’t work, like in the other Kodi menus. Only work in ES-RA.

Rare issue, certainly