Can these be patches backported/incorporated?

  1. I’m using MariaDB as a central database in its latest version 10.5.x There seem to be some problems with Kodi and the new table structures which are dynamic or compressed now by default. There was a Matrix patch for that, could it be used for CoreElec?
  1. I use KODI for my music because it’s very convenient to have all video and audio in one place. That said, I have a large collection of DSD files, some disc-based in .iso format and some file-based as Wavpacked DSD (.wv). There was an effort by spiff to develop an .iso parser but it’s stuck in development hell. It only plays stereo tracks and cannot read tags.

Wavpack/DSD is ideal, because it losslessly compresses taggable .dsf files which themselves are uncompressed. Wavpack/DSD uses APEv2 tags which are (partly) supported by KODI (there’s a bug in taglib because it tries to read the second layer of .dsf tags instead of wavpack tags).

However, Wavpack/DSD decoding has only been recently added to KODI M because it uses the ffmpeg engine which in turn was only patched by the Wavpack developer a few months ago - talk about living on the bleeding edge!

So I’m asking if it’s at all possible to backport and incorporate this patch into CoreELEC:

A request there to backport it to Leia was met with the usual snark and “Do it yourself”.

Thanks in advance for considering!

As for the mariadb bump this is something we could try. The ffmpeg bump is not straight forward I am afraid. It’s too bad they didn’t explain it more properly but there are a lot of changes to make it work and there is a big chance to break something heavily.
I’d rather make Kodi Matrix test builds.

But I figure you want to keep using Leia?

I’ve been running Matrix test builds on Windows for a year now. A Matrix build would be even better but I reckon there’s so much more work involved for you making all add-ons compatible, I couldn’t ask that of you.