Can you add an option to the Shutdown Menu for the "systemctl restart kodi" SSH command?


Can you add an option to the Shutdown Menu for the “systemctl restart kodi” SSH command?

Those who use the E2 system know that there is E2 GUI Restart on the Shutdown menu, click on it and the system will restart without booting.

Why do I want this?
Because sometimes when you watch a video and then another (Live TV), the slow-motion playback falls.

This problem does not improve without restarting the system.

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You should look into using the “System.Exec” function in Kodi to do this.

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I use favourites for this:

Edit /storage/.kodi/userdata/favourites.xml and add this line:

<favourite name="Restart" thumb="special://home/userdata/addon_data/scripts/Restart.png">RunScript(special://home/userdata/addon_data/scripts/</favourite>

Create the folder /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/scripts/ and unzip the attached file there. (7.5 KB)


Thank you very much @Uukrul mate.

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If you need to restart Kodi use “script.advanced_power_menu-1.0.1” addon, which has some more useful functions besides “Restart Kodi”. I use it on CE and it works OK.


Good suggestion, thanks for the idea, added to the next version.

Might be worth using that add-on though it has some good options.

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Very useful suggestion.
Nice to have to option embedded in the shutdown menu.
Will check out the add-on as well,thanks!

Edit: skip that last remark,don’t like the repo that hosts it

Don’t know if it is aloud, but I can send you “” file to install from it, without the need to go to that repo.

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Thanks for offering,but no thanks.


It would be very good, my friend, thank you again for the interest.

Also, thank you very much for the interest of everyone.

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If @anon88919003 adds it it will only be for the default skin, some skins allow you to have a custom power menu and you can just add RestartApp() to that. I use this and just have a widget on my phone with restart and reboot on it


While you are at it, any reason not to change “Roboot from Internal” to “Reboot to Android” ?

I have changed it to “Reboot to eMMC/NAND” as that is more fitting, you could have a different distro on the internal storage other than Android.

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Yes, first thing i do is get rid of Android on these devices

So, you don’t need “Reboot to Internal/eMMC/NAND” at all, or do you put something else on NAND?

I got all sorts of scenarios, but mostly the internal storage will contain a stable LE/CE release (like a Krypton or earlier Leia release).

Recently, CE (or rather Kodi) has become really solid so some installs only have 8.95.0 on it and the sdcard will be used for the upcoming 8.95.1 release, while 8.95.0 will remain on nand :wink:

I have become a big fan of the aml devices and the work that is being done for it. The ultimate, most flexible STB if you ask me!

I agree, that’s why I keep Android on them and use different SD/USB media for other goodies :slight_smile:

Gotta love the dual boot option :slight_smile:

I don’t see any use for Android on my media-only purpose devices as imho CE blows Android out of the water in that area.

Try instaling and using HBO-Go_EU on CE, and when you give up, just fire up Android and enjoy :wink:
I don’t enjoy Android, but apps that I use on it. It’s a shit OS like nothing out there, but some apps that I need and enjoy work only on it.

CE is ONLY for Kodi, and Android has many other goodies to offer

This is part of the reason we are more hesitant to push out releases, it’s not that we don’t want to or development is stalling, I don’t want people to have a negative experience when using CoreELEC and now things are in the Beta stage with Leia I believe the focus will be on squashing bugs in preparation for the final rather than new code additions which include all kinds of nasty odeties for users.